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In recent years the federal government has begun more strictly monitoring commercial drivers. A nationwide commercial driver's license (CDL) system requires any traffic violations a commercial driver receives in one state are reported to the state in which that commercial driver is licensed. The effect of this system is that many commercial truck drivers are at risk of losing their commercial licenses and in effect, their livelihoods.

Located near Lynchburg, the law office of Craig P. Tiller, Esq. PLLC, helps commercial drivers who receive Virginia traffic tickets fight their charges, keep their commercial driver's licenses and protect their jobs.

Forest Attorney Protecting Commercial Driver's Licenses

When commercial drivers lose their ability to drive, they lose their ability to earn a living.

I am attorney Craig P. Tiller. For more than 20 years I have been helping individuals who have been charged with Virginia traffic offenses — such as speeding, reckless driving and DUI/DWI — successfully fight their charges.

Commercial drivers are heavily regulated by federal laws. If you have been convicted of as little as two driving offenses, you may be at risk of losing your license or CDL suspension. In addition, a driving record that contains too many offenses may limit your ability to obtain employment as a commercial driver.

Paying a traffic ticket is akin to pleading guilty to the charge. If you are a commercial driver, contact me — an experienced traffic defense lawyer — before paying your ticket, to help you fight the ticket, keep your record clean and protect your license.

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Many of the commercial drivers who receive tickets in Virginia are not Virginia residents. Just because you do not have a Virginia driver's license does not mean your driving record is safe. The Virginia DMV may communicate with your home state regarding your traffic offense. Don't jeopardize your license and your livelihood, contact me, Lynchburg CDL traffic ticket lawyer Craig P. Tiller, today. Together, we will challenge your traffic offense, preserve your record, your license and your job. Call my law office at 434-338-7093 to schedule a *free initial consultation and prevent commercial driver's license suspension.

*Free initial consultations are available for many cases.