Suspended or Revoked License

Driving on a Suspended License or Revoked License in Virginia

People who drive while their license is suspended are in a seemingly continual cycle of choosing whether to drive without a license or lose a job necessary to paying household bills and fines and costs associated with the license suspension. Often people feel compelled by family circumstances to drive. Driving without a license can lead to traffic and/or criminal charges, further license suspension, and often jail.

There are a number of ways for a license to be suspended in Virginia. In some circumstances DMV administratively suspends a license. A license may be suspended for failure to pay a fine or related court costs. Many traffic and criminal charges carry license suspension as part of the possible punishment. Driving suspended in violation of Virginia Code Section 46.2-301 carries potential jail time. For a third offense within ten years some jail time is mandatory. For multiple violations courts often impose increasing penalties.

Hiring counsel with experience and good working knowledge of the laws and possible defenses to charges related to driving suspended and license reinstatement is very important in driving suspended cases. Often if cases are handled well the severity of consequence can be reduced. In some cases there are viable defenses to the charges.

I am Craig Tiller, an attorney trying traffic and criminal cases in central Virginia courts for over twenty years.

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