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July 2013 Archives

Lynchburg teens get lesson in safe driving

As adults, we understand what it means to drive safely. We look both ways at stop signs, double check before pulling out of our driveways and always use a turn signal. New drivers, however, don't always have the same sense of safety that adults do. While they may know to look both ways, they might to not realize that having a car packed full of loud friends is a recipe for a crash. 

Motorcycle crash near Lynchburg College leaves 2 injured

When summer comes to Lynchburg, everyone likes to get out and enjoy the nice weather. For many people, few things are better than revving up their motorcycle and heading out for a cruise in the sun. Motorcyclists, however, are among the most vulnerable motorists on our roads. Being hit by another vehicle can throw a motorcyclist of a bike and lead to serious injuries.