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Lynchburg teens get lesson in safe driving

As adults, we understand what it means to drive safely. We look both ways at stop signs, double check before pulling out of our driveways and always use a turn signal. New drivers, however, don't always have the same sense of safety that adults do. While they may know to look both ways, they might to not realize that having a car packed full of loud friends is a recipe for a crash. 

To help young drivers in Virginia learn how to be safe and exercise good judgement, Lynchburg College hosted a safe driving program called Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety, or YOVASO. Among the many lessons teens in the program learned the dangers of texting a driver, a common distraction among young drivers. 

On top of learning how to drive safely, the 200 teens to participated in the program also learned what it was like to be involved in a car accident. They learned firsthand what it feels like to be involved in a crash when driving at a slow speed and learned the physics behind more serious crashes.

With inexperience working against them, teenagers in Lynchburg and the rest of the country often don't realize the potentially consequences of their actions. Sending one text or turning around to talk to a friend in the back seat can lead to a serious accident. Thankfully programs like YOVASO help drive this message home, hopefully making teens think twice before allowing themselves to become distracted behind the wheel.

Source: The News & Advance, "Teens learn about traffic safety during leadership retreat," Barrett Mohrmann, July 25, 2013