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Motorcycle crash near Lynchburg College leaves 2 injured

When summer comes to Lynchburg, everyone likes to get out and enjoy the nice weather. For many people, few things are better than revving up their motorcycle and heading out for a cruise in the sun. Motorcyclists, however, are among the most vulnerable motorists on our roads. Being hit by another vehicle can throw a motorcyclist of a bike and lead to serious injuries.

Early today, a crash happened near Lynchburg College. A motorcycle and an SUV collided at the intersection of Vernon Street and Langhorne Lane. Both the driver of the SUV and the motorcyclist sustained minor injuries in the crash. Although it is certainly fortunate that neither was badly hurt, as a motorcyclist, it is important to gather all of the facts if you have been injured in a crash.

As of right now, Lynchburg police have not released any information about the cause of the accident. However, many motorcycle accidents are caused by driver inattention. Many motorcyclists know that other drivers like to blame them for driving unsafe vehicles that are hard to see. However, people are allowed to ride motorcycles on Virginia roads just like anyone else is allowed to drive a car. Too often, drivers simply fail to look carefully in each direction before crossing a road or changing lanes.

If you were hit by a car while riding your motorcycle it is important to know that there are ways to hold the other driver accountable. Even if police do not file charges, you can still choose to file a personal injury lawsuit that could result in compensation for medical bills and other damages. No one should have to endure financial strain because of someone else's mistake.

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