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August 2013 Archives

Reckless driver caused crash that injured trooper, worker

Two people in Virginia ended up in the hospital last night after a 20-year-old driver crashed his car into them. According to police, the driver was heading down Route 17 in Essex County last night when he somehow lost control of his car. He drove over a curb and crashed into a Virginia State Police trooper and a highway engineer. It is not clear why he lost control of the car. 

Passenger dies after car flips off curvy road in Bedford County

This weekend, a 52-year-old Lynchburg man was killed in a single-car wreck in Bedford County. He was riding as a passenger in a car that was navigating a curvy portion of U.S. 501. Despite the presence of signs cautioning drivers to slow down, the driver lost control of the vehicle, sending it off the road where it overturned.

Madison Heights girl, 11, hit and killed by habitual offender

When you are driving in residential neighborhoods in the Lynchburg area, it is important to adhere to the speed limit and be on the lookout for children. If you see a ball bounce into the street or kids riding their bikes on a sidewalk, it is common knowledge to slow down just to be safe. Unfortunately, not all drivers are as cautious as they should be when driving through areas where children might be playing. Sadly, a recent accident shows what can happen when drivers fail to pay attention to their surroundings. 

Protecting Virginia pedestrians requires education and awareness

We have all been in scary situations as pedestrians. Maybe you stepped out into a street in Lynchburg as a car was speeding by. Or perhaps you were crossing and driver making a left turn didn't notice you right away, making you jump to the side to avoid getting hit. No matter what the exact situation, staring down an oncoming car as a pedestrian is a frightening experience.