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Reckless driver caused crash that injured trooper, worker

Two people in Virginia ended up in the hospital last night after a 20-year-old driver crashed his car into them. According to police, the driver was heading down Route 17 in Essex County last night when he somehow lost control of his car. He drove over a curb and crashed into a Virginia State Police trooper and a highway engineer. It is not clear why he lost control of the car. 

While the police officer was treated and released, the engineer suffered serious injuries and needed to be airlifted to VCU Medical Center. Although the driver has been charged with reckless driving -- and police say other charges could be filed after they investigate the crash -- these two individuals will still be facing medical bills and possibly recovery time. 

A helicopter flight to a hosiptal in addition to medical treatment could leave a person facing tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, if not more. When you are facing expensive medical bills and rehabilitation or other recovery, it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you can't work during your recovery time, anyone would worry about not being able to pay medical bills. 

For this reason, personal injury laws in Virginia exist. They allow car accident victims to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages from a driver who caused a crash that led to their injuries. Not only that, but filing a personal injury lawsuit can also send a message to a negligent driver that such recklessness will not be tolerated on Virginia roads.