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September 2013 Archives

Multi-vehicle accident kills 1

There are times when road or weather conditions require driver to adjust their speed and how they drive. If a driver fails to make this adjustment, it can cause a fatal accident. Our readers in Lynchburg may have heard about an accident on I-77 that killed a man and injured several others.

Semi driver charged in accident with bus

When you drive you will encounter a variety of vehicles. On larger highways, seeing large commercial vehicles, semis and buses pass each other isn't normally much of an issue. However, on more narrow roads if these larger vehicles aren't careful, a truck accident can occur. Our readers in Lynchburg may be interested to hear about a collision on a narrow road between a truck and a school bus.

Motorcycle accident kills Pennsylvania university officer

Accidents that involve motor vehicles and motorcycles often cause catastrophic injuries to the rider. Even when a rider is in protective gear, the impact of the accident can cause head trauma and internal injuries. It is important that drivers be aware of everyone who is sharing the road with them, including both two- and four-wheeled vehicles. Our Lynchburg readers will be saddened that a recentmotorcycle accident resulted in the death of a Pennsylvania police officer who was in the state to attend a special event.

Car accident injures two

Car accidents are something that most people will unfortunately experience at one point or another. Most accidents are relatively minor, and result in some damage to vehicles or maybe even minor injuries to the drivers and passengers. Sadly though, other accidents can result in serious injuries and death for some of the involved people. It is important to determine the cause of an auto accident for several reasons, but in the case of severe injuries or fatalities, it's even more important.