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Car accident injures two

Car accidents are something that most people will unfortunately experience at one point or another. Most accidents are relatively minor, and result in some damage to vehicles or maybe even minor injuries to the drivers and passengers. Sadly though, other accidents can result in serious injuries and death for some of the involved people. It is important to determine the cause of an auto accident for several reasons, but in the case of severe injuries or fatalities, it's even more important.

A recent car collision sent two people to local hospital. The accident occurred on Aug. 26 on Wards Road by Cook Out. A car broadsided another vehicle while the struck vehicle was attempting to negotiate a turn. Two people were taken to a local hospital, and according to authorities, charges are pending.

The report does not state which driver would be charged. If the car that was stuck was in the process of turning left, then the car that stuck it could be the cause of the accident since it very well might have ran a red light or a stop sign. Or the car that was turning left might have been attempting to beat a turning yellow signal, and was struck when the other car proceeded on their light. There are several ways the case could go, and therefore either party could be responsible.

This is where accident reconstruction comes into play. Law enforcement can look at an accident scene as well as the damaged property, skid marks and debris and determine how an accident occurred. Using this information, they can then figure out who was at fault. This helps when it is time to file formal charges. It is also beneficial for those who were the victims because they can then pursue compensation for their injuries.

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