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Multi-vehicle accident kills 1

There are times when road or weather conditions require driver to adjust their speed and how they drive. If a driver fails to make this adjustment, it can cause a fatal accident. Our readers in Lynchburg may have heard about an accident on I-77 that killed a man and injured several others.

A semi-truck noticed that traffic had slowed or stopped ahead of him, so he slowed down to prevent striking another vehicle. Another tractor trailer struck the first truck, causing the first semi to jackknife across all northbound lanes of I-77.

A third tractor trailer then struck the first semi, while a car grazed the first semi's trailer and went into the median. A motorcyclist laid down the bike before striking the first semi. Another vehicle, driven by a 71-year-old man, then struck the semi. The man died from his injuries, while his wife and another person in the vehicle were not seriously injured.

At the time of the accident, it was misty and fog had settled into the area. The fog cut visibility considerably; it was only about 25 feet. When visibility is that impaired, it is wise to slow down and turn on your lights so people can see you and you can see them. When things are not done to prevent accidents from happening, that's when accidents can occur.

Investigators are still piecing what happened together, so it is too soon to determine who, if anyone was at fault of if the accident could have been prevented. The second semi striking the first was the catalyst for the pileup, so the driver, as well as the company the driver works for, could be held financially responsible. Finding the responsible driver in an accident such as this is important because those who might seek damages in a court of law will need to know who to pursue. Anyone injured in an accident such as this has the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering, as well as for medical expenses or final expenses for those who died. An experienced legal professional can assist with working through the litigation process.

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