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October 2013 Archives

2 cars, 2 buses, 2 wrecks

Drivers are aware that they have to be careful when driving around school buses so as to avoid accidents that might involve children being injured. However, those who drive school buses need to be careful of other drivers as well. Recently, more than one Lynchburg-area auto accident has involved a car and a school bus.

Semis, SUV collide, driver injured

When a car and a truck collide, there is always a chance of serious injuries. When there's multiple semis involved, then the chances of serious injuries really increase. A man is currently in a hospital after his vehicle was caught in an accident that occurred between two tractor-trailers. Lynchburg readers are far from strangers with respect to trucking accidents and most realize that these accidents can generally be avoided when drivers respect each other's space and look out for one another. When that doesn't happen, accidents occur.

Couple killed in motorcycle crash

Anytime a vehicle collides with a motorcycle there is a chance of serious injuries for the bike rider. Even with a helmet and other protective gear, motorcyclists run the risk of broken bones, injuries to the head and neck, bumps and bruises. In the most severe accidents, the collision can lead to fatal injuries. Readers in Lynchburg will be saddened by a recent accident that killed a couple who were struck by a car while on their bike.

Moped, car collide; 2 injured

A variety of vehicles can be found on the roadways every day. Cars, trucks, vans, big rigs and bikes are expected to share the lanes and look out for each other. It is important that everyone traveling -- no matter the method of vehicle -- be aware of each other and treat each other respectfully. When this doesn't happen, an auto accident can be the end result. Our readers in Lynchburg may be interested in an accident that involved a car and a moped that left two people injured and one person charged.