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2 cars, 2 buses, 2 wrecks

Drivers are aware that they have to be careful when driving around school buses so as to avoid accidents that might involve children being injured. However, those who drive school buses need to be careful of other drivers as well. Recently, more than one Lynchburg-area auto accident has involved a car and a school bus.

One accident occurred when a school bus that had just dropped kids off at a middle school did not see an SUV as it pulled away from a stop sign. Neither the bus driver nor the driver of the SUV was injured. The bus driver stated he did not see the SUV before he pulled away from the bus stop. Investigators plan to cite one of the drivers at a later time.

The second accident involved a school bus that hit a Jeep Wrangler at the Rivermont Avenue and Charlotte Street intersection. There were children on the bus at the time of that accident, but it was not reported whether anyone was injured in the accident.

Both of these accidents involve a bus driver who might not have been paying close enough attention to the surroundings or simply misjudged a distance between the bus and another vehicle. In the first accident, the vehicle might have been in the bus's blind spot, and therefore, the driver did not see the car coming. In the second accident, the bus was attempting to negotiate a turn and might have misjudged where the jeep was in reference to the lane the bus was turning into. If the car was further up than it should have been, then the driver of the car could share some blame in the accident.

Fortunately for everyone, no one was seriously injured in either accident. However, if the bus drivers are found at fault, the drivers of the cars that were damaged can seek compensation for their losses. An experienced legal professional can help a person determine their rights to compensation and explain how to go about pursuing those damages.

Source: ABC13, "Two Minor School Bus Accidents in Bedford Co. & Lynchburg" No author given, Oct. 18, 2013

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