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Couple killed in motorcycle crash

Anytime a vehicle collides with a motorcycle there is a chance of serious injuries for the bike rider. Even with a helmet and other protective gear, motorcyclists run the risk of broken bones, injuries to the head and neck, bumps and bruises. In the most severe accidents, the collision can lead to fatal injuries. Readers in Lynchburg will be saddened by a recent accident that killed a couple who were struck by a car while on their bike.

On Oct. 6, a 46-year-old man driving a Harley-Davidson and his 44-year-old wife were struck by a 56-year-old man driving a BMW in Ashburn. The man was attempting to turn into a shopping center off of Ashburn Farm Parkway when he collided with the couple. Both the motorcycle passengers were thrown from the bike. The couple was taken to a local hospital and both later died from their injuries.

The man was not injured in the accident. He was charged with DUI and two counts of felony aggravated involuntary manslaughter. He is currently being held in a local jail without bond.

It is important that everyone pays attention while they are driving. It is even more important to not drive while impaired. When a person is under the influence, one's ability to make decisions while driving is reduced, which can lead to making bad decisions such as turning from the wrong lane or not looking both ways for traffic before proceeding through an intersection.

If the authorities are correct, the driver's alleged state led to the death of two people. If convicted, he could face some serious consequences. He also could be held financially liable for the deaths of the husband and wife. The surviving family members could seek compensation for medical and final expenses, pain and suffering and loss of companionship. An experienced legal professional can help anyone facing such a tragic situation determine what needs could be met by seeking damages incurred as the result of such an incident.

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