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Moped, car collide; 2 injured

A variety of vehicles can be found on the roadways every day. Cars, trucks, vans, big rigs and bikes are expected to share the lanes and look out for each other. It is important that everyone traveling -- no matter the method of vehicle -- be aware of each other and treat each other respectfully. When this doesn't happen, an auto accident can be the end result. Our readers in Lynchburg may be interested in an accident that involved a car and a moped that left two people injured and one person charged.

A 74-year-old man was riding a moped on Monroe Street in Danville when he ran a stop sign at the Monroe and North Ridge Street intersection. He collided with a car that was carrying two people. The moped driver and the driver of the car were both injured. Both were taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

The moped driver was cited for failure to obey a stop signal. This case is interesting because usually it's the driver of the car or truck that is cited in accidents with two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles and mopeds. This time, however, the moped driver was found to be at fault. This drives home the point that it's important for all drivers, whether two-wheeled or in cars, to obey all traffic laws.

The driver of the car could seek damages from the moped rider to cover any expenses incurred due to the accident. Since the moped rider was cited, this could strengthen any case the driver of the car might choose to pursue. If the driver's injuries were severe enough to miss work, lost wages could also be sought in a civil matter.

Anyone who is injured or suffers property damage in an accident that is not their fault are within their legal rights to pursue compensation for those injuries. A legal professional who is experienced with dealing with such cases could offer guidance for anyone who finds themselves in this position.

Source:, "Update: Two Injured in Danville Accident, Driver Facing Charges" No author given, Oct. 02, 2013

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