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Semis, SUV collide, driver injured

When a car and a truck collide, there is always a chance of serious injuries. When there's multiple semis involved, then the chances of serious injuries really increase. A man is currently in a hospital after his vehicle was caught in an accident that occurred between two tractor-trailers. Lynchburg readers are far from strangers with respect to trucking accidents and most realize that these accidents can generally be avoided when drivers respect each other's space and look out for one another. When that doesn't happen, accidents occur.

Such an accident occurred on Oct. 10. Two semis were traveling on I-95 on the inner loop. One truck was hauling a recreational vehicle while the other was transporting a double-wide. At some point, one of the trucks collided with the other. The truck hauling the RV lost its load, and the RV came to rest in the middle of the roadway. A man driving a SUV broadsided the RV.

The driver of the SUV was taken to a local hospital, initially listed in critical condition. He is currently still critical, but his condition is stable. It was not mentioned whether the drivers of the semis were injured.

If authorities are still investigating the accident, they are most likely reconstructing the accident scene with a reconstruction team. This will enable authorities to determine who or what caused the crash. Both the trucks as well as the SUV will be thoroughly examined and witnesses to the accident will be interviewed. Authorities will also speak to all the drivers and inquire what they were doing just before the accident occurred. Although this accident occurred in Maryland, a similar process of determining the cause of an accident is also conducted for accidents that happen in Lynchburg.

For the man who drove the SUV determining who was at fault might be of special interest to him. Since he was the innocent injured party, he could seek damages for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Anyone who has suffered injuries or losses due to an accident could seek compensation for their expenses incurred as a result of the tragic incident.

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