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November 2013 Archives

Lynchburg's most accident-prone roads

An accident can happen on any road at any time, but there are some roads that seem more likely to see accidents than others. A recent investigation revealed the roads in Lynchburg that are most likely to see accidents. Readers may be interested in learning where they are and some reasons for the prevalence of accidents in these locations.

Woman killed, husband injured in accident in Forest

Car accidents can have deadly consequences, so it is important that everyone who drives pay careful attention to what they are doing while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. This includes obeying posted speed limits and traffic laws. If anyone ignores these laws, the results can be devastating. Lynchburg readers may have heard about a recent accident that claimed the life of a woman and injured her husband.

Local police have help identifying drivers without ID

To drive in the state of Virginia you must have a valid driver's license, and it should be with you whenever you get behind the wheel of an automobile. Of course, mistakes happen and sometimes a person will forget his or her license. This is normally just a minor inconvenience ... unless you are pulled over by law enforcement. Luckily for Lynchburg residents, local law enforcement now have a new way of proving who you are and that you are indeed a licensed driver.

Bad stretch of road causes crashes; city, historians can't agree

We have all driven on roads where it is apparent that an accident could easily occur. Blind or sharp turns, suddenly narrow stretches or extreme rises or dips in a roadway can catch a driver unprepared and cause a collision. Sometimes, there is not much that can be done to warn drivers past posting warning signs of the impending hazard. Our Lynchburg readers may be interested to hear about a stretch of road where improvements could prevent another fatal accident from occurring, but the plan has met with opposition.