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Lynchburg's most accident-prone roads

An accident can happen on any road at any time, but there are some roads that seem more likely to see accidents than others. A recent investigation revealed the roads in Lynchburg that are most likely to see accidents. Readers may be interested in learning where they are and some reasons for the prevalence of accidents in these locations.

Of the top 10 areas that see the accidents, all 10 can be found in three locations: Wards Road, the Lynchburg Expressway and Candlers Mountain Road. For those who spend time driving, none of these locations should be a surprise; there are three of the most-traveled roads in the city. According to authorities, Wards Road sees an accident practically everyday. The road is also a main vein to get into and out of the city.

The most accident-prone intersection in the city is the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Wards Road. This also is not a shock, since a large section of the city's shopping and dining establishments are located in this area. The majority of the accidents are rear-end crashes that occur when people are attempting to turn into the shopping center.

A law enforcement officer explained that speed isn't really the issue in the accidents, following too closely is the real culprit. If people allowed more space between them and the car in front of them, there would most likely be fewer read-end crashes.

Whenever you have a busy roadway, there is a chance of an accident. For those who find themselves victims of an accident, seeking compensation for losses and medical expenses is a reasonable thing to do. Speaking with an experienced legal professional can help you determine what rights you have, the compensation you could be entitled to receive and if pursing damages is the best course of action for the situation.

Source: News Advance, "Danger zone: A look at Lynchburg's most crash-prone intersections" Barrett Mohrmann, Nov. 10, 2013

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