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Woman killed, husband injured in accident in Forest

Car accidents can have deadly consequences, so it is important that everyone who drives pay careful attention to what they are doing while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. This includes obeying posted speed limits and traffic laws. If anyone ignores these laws, the results can be devastating. Lynchburg readers may have heard about a recent accident that claimed the life of a woman and injured her husband.

A man was attempting to make a left turn on Graves Mill Road on Oct. 31. As he was turning, he was struck by a pickup truck. The force of the collision sent the man's truck into another vehicle at the light at the intersection. No one in the other vehicle was injured.

The man and his 70-year-old wife were taken to a local hospital. The woman later died from her injuries. The man was hospitalized and was listed in stable condition. There was no word as whether the driver of the pickup truck was injured or not.

The accident is under investigation. No charges have been filed, but authorities state that the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed and was attempting to pass the couple when the truck struck them. As is often the case with a fatal accident, investigators will examine all the vehicles that were involved in the hopes of determining exactly what happened.

Whether or not the driver of the pickup is charges criminally, does not mean the driver could not be held financially responsible. For families of those killed in accidents such as this, speaking to a legal professional who has experience in such situations can help. Learning about the options a family might have for compensation could help them decide if pursuing damages for their losses is a wise course of action.

Source:, "Lynchburg Police Department Mourns Loss From Fatal Accident" Katie Brooke, Nov. 01, 2013

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