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Mars heir pleads guilty to reckless driving in fatal crash

The millionaire co-owner of the well-known Mars candy company has pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor count in connection with a Virginia wreck that killed an elderly woman. The driver, age 74, will only be required to pay a $2,500 fine in connection with the fatal accident, which reportedly occurred because the woman was engaged in reckless driving behavior. For anyone who has endured the loss of a loved one, a $2,500 fine cannot possibly seem sufficient as a punishment for the fatal wreck. Further, the woman's driver's license was only suspended for a period of six months in connection with the collision.

The driver herself admitted that she had caused "great suffering and loss," and she says she will always feel grief because of her role in the accident. Still, the woman is getting off with a minor criminal penalty, considering the gravity of the crime she committed. The elderly decedent in this case was killed when the negligent driver smashed into the minivan. Further, the pregnant driver of that minivan suffered injuries that caused her to miscarry because of the fatal car crash. The occupants of the vehicle were visiting Virginia for a wedding.

Authorities report that the woman was not charged with more significant infractions because she was not speeding, texting or driving while intoxicated on drugs or alcohol.

Even though the woman was not subject to serious criminal penalties, her civil liability in the case has yet to be determined. The woman, whose net worth approaches $24 billion, may be sued in civil court for wrongful death, pain and suffering, emotional distress and a variety of other claims. Victims in such cases deserve financial compensation from the negligent drivers that cause this type of fatal car crash. Personal injury attorneys can help those Virginia victims get the money they need and deserve after such an incident.

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