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Woman hit by SUV while walking dog dies as result of accident

When an accident involves a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, the pedestrian can be severely injured or killed even when the incident doesn't involve a high rate of speed or other factor. In a Virginia condo complex, residents are mourning the sudden death of a much-loved neighbor following a fatal accident. The incident occurred Wednesday, Dec. 18, as the woman was walking her dog.

According to police, the accident happened on a ramp that entered an underground parking unit for the condos. The woman was apparently on the ramp with her dog at around 3 p.m. A man driving a Porsche Cayenne exited the parking area using the ramp. He hit the woman, who later died at the hospital.

Reports indicate that residents in the complex were decorating for the holidays when they heard about the accident. Many voiced sadness and grief upon learning that the woman, who was 90 years old and deaf, had died. Residents tried to come up with reasons the woman would be on the ramp. They also said the driver of the vehicle was new to the complex and could have been confused by the structure of the exit ramp.

Police report that the driver stopped and did not leave the scene. They are not releasing any other information. Officials state that the accident is still under investigation. According to news reports, the woman had a twin sister who was flying into the state following the accident.

In a situation like this, were it's possible no malicious intent or straightforward negligence occurred, investigations must be thorough and tactful. It's likely the man driving the car is also upset about the incident. As family members decide how to move forward, the actions of both parties leading up to the moment of impact will be important to consider.

Source: The Washington Post, "Woman struck and killed by SUV was retired and revered Gallaudet professor" Peter Hermann and Victoria St. Martin, Dec. 19, 2013

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