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1 man survives fatal boating accident

Residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, have probably enjoyed time at one of the area lakes. No matter what time of year, maintaining awareness and following safety protocols while on the water is important. In cold weather, water can be especially dangerous, as the case of three duck hunters in another state illustrates.

The three men were on a 16-foot-long boat on the morning of Jan. 7. They were duck hunting on the water when a fatal boating accident occurred. For some reason, the boat overturned, dumping all three men into the frigid water.

According to reports, the air temperature was only 10 degrees the morning of the accident. The water was cold enough to cause hypothermia in a short amount of time. Two the men did not survive the accident. Authorities report that their bodies were recovered away from the accident.

One man was rescued from the frigid water. According to reports, the man was treated for frostbite and hypothermia after being pulled from the water. The injured man is a physician, and one of his coworkers stated staff at the hospital was shocked by the accident.

Anyone who has spent time on a lake knows that boating accidents can be sudden and dangerous. From reckless operation of a boat to unavoidable accidents, events can occur that cause serious injury. Such events are usually investigated by local authorities. In the event that negligence on the part of a boat owner or operator caused an accident, those injured may have a case for a compensation claim. Family members who lose loved ones to watercraft accidents may also consider filing compensation claims for their loss.

Source: The Herald News, "Employer, others describe survivor of duck-hunting boat accident" Michael Gagne, Jan. 08, 2014

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