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February 2014 Archives

UPS truck involved in fatal accident in Roanoke, Virginia

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, the injuries and damages can be catastrophic. When the vehicle involved in such an incident is a large truck, serious injuries or death are not surprising results. For one man, who was walking on Elm Avenue in nearby Roanoke, Virginia, a run-in with a UPS truck turned out to be a fatal accident.

Virginia couple disabled after a serious truck accident

Car and truck accidents can come at any time individuals are on the road, even when they are wrapping up the trip in their own driveway or parking lot. For a Virginia couple, a sudden collision with a pickup truck resulted in both individuals being disabled. The truck accident also occurred during a time when the couple was already struggling with several issues.

Pedestrian accidents are a concern; Virginia runner hit by van

According to local news reports, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is highlighting pedestrian safety. According to the CDC, more than 70,000 pedestrians were injured in 2010 as a result of traffic accidents, and more than 4,200 were killed. The CDC reports that one pedestrian dies every two hours on average due to an auto accident. Though pedestrian incidents likely occur more in large cities, they do occur in the areas around Lynchburg, Virginia.

Police: Distracted drivers exist, despite few texting charges

For those driving in the Lynchburg, Virginia, area, road safety should always be a top priority. Something as simple as a distracted driver can cause a car accident that leads to serious injury and even death. Texting and driving is one distraction that's been in the local and national news. As of July 2013, texting and driving is classified as a primary offense in Virginia. That means police officers can pull drivers over for texting even if there are no other violations present.