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Police chase ends in auto accident and injury

Residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, know to move to the side of the road when a police car approaches with its lights flashing and sirens sounding. During high-speed police chases, however, there may not be time for motorists to get out of the way or other factors could result in a car accident involving the police car. The details of a police-related auto accident that occurred in Roanoke, Virginia, on March 27 are still under investigation

The incident reportedly occurred around 2:00 in the morning. The police officer was in pursuit of another vehicle at the time of the incident. The accident occurred near the intersection of Madison Avenue and 10th Street in Roanoke.

According to reports, the police cruiser crashed into a vehicle that was not involved in the chase. The crash resulted in injuries to both the state trooper driving the cruiser and the woman in the other vehicle. Both individuals were taken to a local hospital.

Reports are that the state trooper suffered from minor injuries. Authorities had not released information about the woman's condition as of March 27. They did state that households in the area of the accident lost power temporarily. The individual the state trooper was chasing before the accident was not apprehended.

Police officers are not immune to all rules of the road, even when they are running lights and sirens and chasing potential suspects. Authorities must take the safety of bystanders and other drivers into account, which means there can be some liability on the part of a police officer who causes accidents during a chase. In such a case, understanding the details of the incident and all legal options for seeking compensation are a good way to get a start on financial or emotional recovery following an accident.

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