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Virginia man crashes into estranged wife's home

Most of the time, when residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, consider a vehicle accident, they think of cars and trucks on the road. A car or truck accident on the road can cause a lot of damage and personal injury to drivers and passengers. When a vehicle leaves the road and crashes into a structure or home, injuries and damages can be compounded. Though no physical injuries occurred when a man in a nearby city crashed into a residence, he did cause damage to the property and his already estranged family relationship.

According to reports, the man drove his SUV through the garage door and into a storage room of the home of his estranged wife. He attempted to back out of the area but hit a basketball goal in the driveway. Neighbors came over to assist him in getting out of the car; he reported that he was in shock following the incident.

The man states that running into the house was an accident. He blames either a faulty shifter or his own distraction in putting the vehicle in drive rather than reverse. The man was originally arrested following the incident, but reports indicate he was released without being charged. The man's wife has filed a protective order keeping the man away from the home and preventing him from contacting herself, her children or her mother.

According to the man, he came to the home to apologize after arguing with his estranged wife via text message through the week. She was not at home, and he said her mother appeared uncomfortable with his presence and would not let him in the home. He said he was leaving the premises when he accidentally ran into the home.

Even when there is no malicious motive in an accident, liability for careless driving still exists. When a vehicle strikes another vehicle due to one driver's negligence or carelessness, he or she is liable for damages. The same thing occurs when a driver hits a home or other structure; individuals who own the property or who are injured in the incident have a right to seek compensation from the driver.

Source: The Roanoke Times, "Man: Crashing into wife’s home was an accident" Zach Crizer, Mar. 02, 2014

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