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Virginia school bus accident sends four to hospital

An accident involving a school bus accident can be frightening to think about, especially for parents. On Wednesday, March 12, a school bus carrying 18 children was involved in an accident in Martinsville. It occurred on Route 220.

Police originally reported that no one was injured in the accident. Updated news reports on the evening of the incident indicated that three students and the bus driver were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. According to police, the accident occurred when a driver in a Kia Spectra ran a traffic light and crashed into the side of the bus.

The students who were brought to a hospital for treatment were between 5 and 7 years old. Police were still investigating the accident as of the evening of the crash, but did they report that they were charging the 21-year-old driver of the Kia Spectra. According to reports, the driver is being charged with reckless driving.

Traffic was disrupted in the area of the accident for approximately thirty minutes after the crash occurred. All other students on the bus were returned to the elementary school following the incident.

Parents put a lot of trust in the safety of school buses and the capability of drivers. Even when the driver is following all rules and safety precautions, however, incidents can happen. In cases where a child is injured during a school bus accident, parents have a right to seek answers about how the accident occurred. Understanding the details of the accident is an important step in deciding to seek compensation and building a personal injury case.

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