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Distracted Driving Awareness Month efforts in Virginia

Distracted driving is a leading cause of vehicle accidents across the nation. A driver distracted momentarily by other people, items or functions in his own vehicle can miss that a motorcyclist has entered the roadway and cause a serious accident. Drivers texting behind the wheel miss important traffic signals, running into other vehicles as a result. There are numerous ways distractions can cause accidents, and students in the area around Lynchburg, Virginia, are teaming up with a device manufacturer to reduce accidents associating with one form of distracted driving during April Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

ORIGOSafe is promoting a device that helps reducing texting while driving. The device, which costs $274, stops individuals from texting and driving because it won't allow the car to start while your cellphone is in your hand. Total cost, with installation, is $299, and the device is compatible with major smartphone models from Apple and Samsung. According to ORIGOSafe, its device also doubles as a phone charger and antitheft provision.

The manufacturer isn't alone in its campaign against texting and driving. Students in Roanoke, Virginia, and other areas are participating in a traffic safety club called YOVASO. The name stands for Youth of Virginia Speak Out.

From April 9 through May 9, the students are participating in a campaign called Arrive Alive. The purpose of the campaign is to promote awareness about distracted driving and to change driving behavior among teens. The campaign is purposefully timed to occur when warm weather and prom seasons encourages more teen driving.

Promoting distracted driving issues may increase safety on the road, but it's unlikely to remove the problem completely. For those involved in accidents caused by distracted drivers, ongoing medical and financial issues may remain. Seeking compensation for losses associated with these accidents is one way to meet financial needs while bringing the problem of distracted driving to a public stage.

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