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May 2014 Archives

Memorial Day traffic deaths down in Virginia year over year

Across the country, law enforcement officials and emergency responders geared up for the days around Memorial Day. It's not surprising that the first big weekend of the summer involves more car or trucking accidents than normal, but numbers released by the Virginia State Police show that deaths from accidents during the holiday were lower this year than in recent years.

Virginians should know that recalls don't mean dealers fix cars

Recalls from automakers just in the last four months have impacted 15.4 million vehicles. With so many recalls, it's important for Virginia residents to be aware of the responsibility of car dealership and rental companies when it comes to possibly unsafe vehicles. Specifically, residents should understand that no federal law currently requires such businesses to take any action on used cars regarding recalls.

Investigation ongoing in Virginia fishing boat accident

Investigators are still considering evidence and statements in an accident that occurred on Smith Mountain Lake on Friday, May 2. The fishing boat accident involved two watercraft and participants in a fishing tournament. According to reports, one craft ran into another, but authorities say alcohol was not involved. Authorities have not stated whether speed was a factor.

Auto accident on Virginia road leaves 1 dead, 4 injured

Residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, likely understand the risks of the road. A split second can mean the difference between safety and injury; a single reckless or negligent driver can cause multiple injuries or deaths. One driver in an accident that occurred on Tuesday, April 29, is being charged with failure to yield the right of way to another vehicle.