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June 2014 Archives

10 children involved in Lynchburg bus accident

Parents and guardians often send children with other responsible adults on trips or outings. Sometimes, groups travel in cars or trucks. Other times, community centers, schools or churches use vans or buses to bring a group of kids or youth to an event. When accidents occur in such situations, liability may fall on several entities, including drivers, businesses and vehicle owners.

Reduce auto accidents by removing distractions, checking tires

Virginians can help reduce car accidents in a number of ways. Though you can't account for the actions of every driver on the road, you can ensure that you are operating your vehicle in as safe a manner as possible. Two things every driver can do to reduce the chance of auto accidents are removing distractions inside the cars and regularly checking tires.

2 Lynchburg residents killed in motocycle accident

Virginia State Police are still looking into an accident that occurred on June 9. The motorcycle accident resulted in the death of a 21-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman. At this time, police state alcohol doesn't appear to be a cause of the accident, though witness accounts do indicate that excessive speeds may have played a role.