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10 children involved in Lynchburg bus accident

Parents and guardians often send children with other responsible adults on trips or outings. Sometimes, groups travel in cars or trucks. Other times, community centers, schools or churches use vans or buses to bring a group of kids or youth to an event. When accidents occur in such situations, liability may fall on several entities, including drivers, businesses and vehicle owners.

Ten juveniles were reportedly checked over by medical staff or emergency responders after an incident that involved a bus in Lynchburg, Virginia. The accident occurred on June 26 around 9 p.m. The bus was reportedly parked and ten children were on board. The bus was parked at Biggers Park at the time the incident. The group was attending a basketball tournament.

According to reports, the bus moved into gear for unreported reasons. The bus moved forward and hit the wall of a building. Some of the individuals on board the bus suffered minor injuries, say witnesses. Parents took children to the hospital as a precaution. The bus reportedly belonged to the Lighthouse Community Center.

Reports did not indicate whether an adult or driver was on board the bus at the time the accident occurred. Police stated that an investigation is still pending, though charges had not been filed as of June 26.

In such a case, damages or injuries resulting from an accident could fall on a driver, an adult or agency in charge of the event or group or the owner of the bus. In filling a personal injury claim, one important step is identifying all possible defendants and why or how they might be liable in an accident. Vehicle owners could be liable for failing to maintain vehicles; drivers could be responsible for negligent operation.

Source: WSET, "UPDATE: Bus Vs. Building in Lynchburg" No author given, Jun. 26, 2014

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