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Virginia truck driver charged after hitting bridge

Virginia drivers know that being aware on the road reduces the chance of an accident, but even the most aware and careful drivers can't avoid every collision. A trucking accident that involved concrete from an overpass left one women seriously injured on June 2.

According to reports, the woman and her family were in a minivan traveling on Interstate 81. The minivan was following a tractor trailer, which was hauling military vehicles on a flatbed. According to reports, the tractor trailer went under an overpass. The military vehicle on the trailer was large enough that it hit the overpass.

The collision, which the truck driver later claimed he didn't notice, dislodged a 25-pound section of concrete. According to reports, that debris fell onto the windshield of the minivan. The woman, who was in the passenger seat, was seriously injured. Her injuries were reported as non-life threatening.

The woman's husband and daughter were not injured, according to reports. The woman was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Police reportedly stopped the truck driver further down the Interstate. According to reports, he didn't realize he'd caused an accident. Police said they cited him with an overheight violation.

In such a case, the driver appears to be negligent because of the over-sized item he was hauling. Should the family wish to pursue a compensation claim for medical damages and other losses, they might consider naming the driver, the trucking company, any agency or individual involved in loading the item and relevant insurance companies. Part of a personal injury law suit is understanding who to name as defendants and how liability is settled across multiple agencies and individuals.

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