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July 2014 Archives

Lynchburg road has especially high auto accident rate

Individuals who live in Lynchburg, Virginia, are probably familiar with areas that experience a high level of vehicle accidents. Residents rarely need the news or commissioned studies to point out stretches of road where auto accidents are most likely. However, a new study not only points to a Lynchburg road that sees an unusually high number of accidents but also points to some possible reasons for the accidents.

Near-fatal motorcycle accident in Virginia

For Virginia residents, time spent on the road is often necessary. Individuals often must travel to work, social activities or grocery stores. Most people don't let the threat of an accident keep them from living their lives. When an accident does occur, however, lives can be turned inside out in a matter of moments.

Virginia man faces manslaughter charges after fatal accident

A car accident is a terrible thing to go through, especially when the collision causes serious injuries or death. When and a passenger dies as a result of that action, it can be an emotional shock for both the driver and the family who has lost someone. Emotions don't change the reality of liability, though, and an at-fault driver may still be held financial responsible for damages or injuries. One man is facing charges of vehicular homicide following a fatal accident that took the life of a passenger in his car. According to reports, the man was driving a Mercedes on U.S. 501 in Virginia. The accident occurred in August 2013.

Authorities seek grand jury indictment following fatal accident

Residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, like to think that other drivers on the road will be courteous and safe. After being involved in an accident, most individuals would stop and attempt to offer aid when possible or wait for authorities. Sometimes, however, individuals are careless or unhelpful, and the resulting incidents can case the loss of life.