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Lynchburg road has especially high auto accident rate

Individuals who live in Lynchburg, Virginia, are probably familiar with areas that experience a high level of vehicle accidents. Residents rarely need the news or commissioned studies to point out stretches of road where auto accidents are most likely. However, a new study not only points to a Lynchburg road that sees an unusually high number of accidents but also points to some possible reasons for the accidents.

The safety study notes that Route 221 between Gristmill Drive and Graves Mill Road in Lynchburg sees more than three times the accidents that similar roads across the state do. The study indicates a number of reasons for crashes in that area, including uncoordinated traffic signals. Because the signals are not coordinated, traffic doesn't flow as easily and drivers deal with congestion and frequent stops. All of that contributes to increased chances for accidents.

The study also indicated that the number of driveways entering the road in that area could contribute to increased accidents. The report says that the frequency of driveways in an area is in direct correlation to accidents. According to report, congestion trouble spots occur at 221 intersections with Graves Mill Road, Enterprise Drive, Gristmill Drive and Cottontown Road.

The report made suggestions for improvements to reduce traffic accidents in the area. Suggestion implementation is planned over a six-year period and includes actions such as modifying signal phasing, restriping roads, installing lighting and modification of some lanes and left-hand turn capabilities from certain driveways.

Even with improvements, accidents will likely still occur from time to time in the area, just as they do on any road. Residents who are involved in an accident that is the fault of another driver can seek compensation for any damages or injuries that are a result of the accident -- even if the accident occurs in a known risk road area.

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