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Who has to take a boating safety course in Virginia?

Individuals across the commonwealth of Virginia enjoy taking personal watercraft or motorboats onto lakes and rivers. From fishing expeditions to recreational activities such as wake boarding, boating is a common enjoyment among many during warmer months. To help keep Virginia waterways safe, the General Assembly passed some boater safety requirements into law in 2007.

Fatal accident outside Lynchburg kills 2 teenagers

A fatal accident outside of Lynchburg, Virginia, killed two teenagers just before the start of the school year, say State Police. The incident, which occurred on Level Run Road, involved a head-on collision between a car full of teenagers and another vehicle, which originally left the scene. Police later reported they located the driver who allegedly caused the crash.

Authorities investigate Virginia boating accident

Like traffic accidents, boating accidents can leave individuals injured or family members with questions about hurt or lost loved ones. When a boating accident occurs because of the negligent or fault of a boat operator or other third party, victims who are injured or sustain damages in the incident can seek compensation for those expenses through legal channels.

Following too close may have caused Lynchburg auto accident

Drivers in Lynchburg and throughout the state of Virginia must maintain an awareness of the road at all times for safety purposes. Taking your eyes off the road momentarily can lead to a serious auto accident and injury to yourself or others. Failure to follow basic safety and traffic rules can have the same outcome.