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Following too close may have caused Lynchburg auto accident

Drivers in Lynchburg and throughout the state of Virginia must maintain an awareness of the road at all times for safety purposes. Taking your eyes off the road momentarily can lead to a serious auto accident and injury to yourself or others. Failure to follow basic safety and traffic rules can have the same outcome.

A recent accident in Lynchburg involved four vehicles, and a police officer speculated that a likely cause of the incident may have been following too close. The accident began when a Toyota Yaris, which was driven by a 24-year-old woman, hit a Ford Edge from behind.

According to reports, the impact of the first collision caused the Ford Edge to hit the vehicle traveling in front of it. The fourth vehicle, which was a white pickup truck driven by a 34-year-old man, entered the incident when it hit the back of the Yaris.

Two of the drivers were taken to a local hospital to be treated for unspecified injuries. The two drivers who rear-ended other vehicles are going to be charged, said the officer, but decisions regarding those charges have not been finalized. The accident took place on Fort Avenue in Lynchburg on July 31.

When injuries or damages occur because of the actions or neglect of another person, the individual who suffered those injuries or damages has a right to seek compensation for losses. Compensation is generally sought through a personal injury claim; in matters that involve multiple vehicles, such claims may name multiple defendants. It's important to plan properly for such cases, beginning with a solid foundation for your claim.

Source: The News and Advance, "Two injured in four-vehicle crash" Ashlie Walker, Jul. 31, 2014

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