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3 injured in Virginia accident when vehicle slams into restaurant

A Virginia man who was accused of driving his car into a Lynchburg fast food restaurant was taken into custody and was charged by the authorities on Aug. 26. According to the report, the man claimed that he was trying to hit the brakes but accidentally hit the accelerator when he slammed through a glass widow at a Hardee's located on Langhorne Road.

Three people suffered injuries in the incident; however, they were all treated and released when the report became available. Authorities stated that none of the injuries were life-threatening. The accused man and his passenger did not suffer any injuries in the incident. The accused man, who was identified as a 76-year-old, was ultimately charged with reckless driving.

Car accidents that result in injuries can have a number of causes. While most crashes appear to be caused by drivers who are distracted, fatigued or even under the influence of drugs or alcohol, accidents can also be caused by medical emergencies or even by vehicle malfunctions. Regardless of what the cause of the accident was, however, it is likely that the driver may still be held liable for the cause of the accident. This may be especially true if anyone suffered any injuries in the incident, even if it did not appear to be serious or cause serious injuries.

Those who are hospitalized after being involved in an auto accident may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who was determined to be responsible for the accident. In addition to potentially allowing the injured to recover the cost of any medical bills or hospitalization fees, the injured individuals may also be able to seek compensation for any income that was lost due to the inability to work and compensation for pain and suffering.

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