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Virginia traffic accident statistics for 2013

The number of people killed or injured on Virginia's roads dropped slightly in 2013 according to accident data released by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The reductions were modest, but they came as the number of cars, miles traveled and licensed drivers all increased slightly. The statistics reveal that 741 people were killed and over 65,000 injured in more than 121,000 accidents on Virginia's roads in 2013. The number of accidents in 2013 was 1.2 percent lower than in 2012. The number of people killed went down by 4.39 percent, and injuries were lowered by 2.82 percent.

The figures show that alcohol consumption remains a major cause of fatal accidents, and more than a third of Virginia's traffic accident fatalities in 2013 were alcohol related. Authorities in Virginia prosecuted over 27,000 drunk drivers in 2013 who had an average blood alcohol level of .1397 percent. The legal limit in Virginia is .08 percent.

Excessive speed was listed as a factor in even more fatal accidents than drinking, but the number of road users killed in high speed crashes was down over 10 percent from 2012 figures. Men seem to be more likely to drive drunk or at dangerously high speeds. More than 74 percent of drunk drivers in 2013 were men, and over 58 percent of high speed accidents involved vehicles driven by men.

Those injured in accidents involving an intoxicated or reckless driver often have little or no time to take evasive action. As a result, these collisions frequently happen at high speeds and cause catastrophic injuries. A personal injury attorney can seek civil remedies on behalf of those injured in accidents caused by a driver's negligence.

Source: Virginia Department of Motorvehicles, "2013 Virginia Traffic Crash Facts", October 30, 2014

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