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Lynchburg car crash sends 3 to hospital

Around 8 a.m. on a recent Friday morning, a three vehicle accident sent three people to the hospital with unknown injuries.  The car crash happened on the Lynchburg Expressway/U.S. 501 South. Traffic was blocked on the roadway for approximately one hour following the accident.

Authorities reported that a sports utility vehicle hit both a sedan and a taxi cab. The injured SUV driver, the taxi cab driver and a passenger in the taxi were all transported to Lynchburg General Hospital. The operator of the sedan was uninjured.

The authorities charged the driver of the SUV with reckless driving.  The occupants of the taxi may opt to pursue a civil claim against the SUV driver. If the evidence ultimately documents that driver was responsible for the collisions, the other injured victims may be entitled to a monetary judgment to help pay for medical expenses and other financial losses incurred because of this accident. While the taxi driver may also seek workers' compensation benefits as a result of being injured on-the-job, that claim does not preclude a separate civil lawsuit for personal injuries.

In a car crash like this one, injured victims may choose to explore their options for legal relief by speaking with an attorney who is experienced in handling personal injury claims. Local attorneys can explain the laws in Virginia and provide assistance in pursuing legal claims for financial remuneration. To prevail in civil litigation, it will be necessary to establish by appropriate evidence that the driver was negligent in causing or significantly contributing to the accident and injuries that resulted. If the driver is convicted of reckless driving, proof of that may be offered to support a related claim in civil court.

Source:, "Traffic moving again after Lynchburg Expressway wreck", Feb. 6, 2015

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