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Thursday morning truck accident sent several students to hospital

On a Thursday morning in late January, 15 students were on a Richmond Public Schools bus when it was hit by a pickup truck following a sudden stop farther up the road. Several students were transported to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center for the treatment of their injuries. These students were on their way to school when the truck accident happened.

According to reports, just before 9:30 a.m., a tractor-trailer pulled into the line of traffic ahead of the bus causing a sudden halt to movement. It was at this time that a pickup truck allegedly crashed into the back of the school bus. The students who were not injured were moved onto a second bus and were then taken to the Richmond Alternative School - their original destination.  

The accident happened near the Virginia state capitol in Richmond and slowed traffic in the area as local law enforcement investigated the accident. Authorities have not released the names or conditions of the victims at this point. It is unclear whether the driver of the semi truck knew that his pulling onto the roadway at that time would put other motorists in danger.

Parents of students involved in accidents similar to this truck accident may want to explore their legal options. In some cases, there are medical expenses that may cause hardships for some of these families, and, often, when children suffer serious injuries, parents end up having to take a leave of absence from work, resulting in a large amount of lost wages. Some parents may find financial relief by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in a Virginia civil court.

Source:, "School bus accident near Virginia State Capitol sends students to hospital", Scott Wise, Jake Burns, Jasmine Norwood, Jan. 29, 2015

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