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March 2015 Archives

Truck accident on Virginia 460 leads to reckless driving charge

Crowded Virginia roadways can lead to accidents that cause injuries, especially when one driver is not paying attention. A recent truck accident involving a school bus resulted in criminal charges for the bus driver.  Transporting school children is a substantial responsibility. When a school bus driver makes a mistake, it can be deadly.

Motorcyclist dies in Virginia crash, passenger injured

Accidents in which motorcycles are struck by motor vehicles often do not end well. Motorcyclists have little protection in a crash, which often results in them suffering severe or even fatal injuries. A recent crash on a Virginia roadway involving a man driving an SUV and a man with a female passenger on a motorcycle ended in the death of the motorcyclist

Multi-vehicle crash on Virginia's roads leads to one death

The eastbound lanes of Interstate 64 in Virginia were shut down for more than seven hours last week due to a disabled vehicle on the roadway. The multi-vehicle crash was investigated by the Virginia State Police and led to charges of reckless driving for a tractor-trailer driver who is believed to have started the string of collisions. The accident happened a little before 9:30 a.m.

Virginia driver indicted for fatal accident that killed two

An indictment was finally handed down in connection with a fatal accident that occurred last summer in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. In July of 2014, a 30-year-old woman, who is believed to have been under the influence at the time, crossed the center line and hit two motorcycles head on. The two motorcyclists, a 51-year-old male and a 59-year-old male, were both pronounced dead at the scene of the fatal accident.