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What should someone do after a boating accident?

After a boating accident in Virginia, it may be necessary for the vessel's operator to report the crash. Typically, a crash must be reported if there is more than $2,000 worth of damage caused in the accident. It must also be reported if a serious injury or death occurs or if someone is missing from the vessel after the accident.

Who has to take a boating safety course in Virginia?

Individuals across the commonwealth of Virginia enjoy taking personal watercraft or motorboats onto lakes and rivers. From fishing expeditions to recreational activities such as wake boarding, boating is a common enjoyment among many during warmer months. To help keep Virginia waterways safe, the General Assembly passed some boater safety requirements into law in 2007.

Authorities investigate Virginia boating accident

Like traffic accidents, boating accidents can leave individuals injured or family members with questions about hurt or lost loved ones. When a boating accident occurs because of the negligent or fault of a boat operator or other third party, victims who are injured or sustain damages in the incident can seek compensation for those expenses through legal channels.

Investigation ongoing in Virginia fishing boat accident

Investigators are still considering evidence and statements in an accident that occurred on Smith Mountain Lake on Friday, May 2. The fishing boat accident involved two watercraft and participants in a fishing tournament. According to reports, one craft ran into another, but authorities say alcohol was not involved. Authorities have not stated whether speed was a factor.

1 man survives fatal boating accident

Residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, have probably enjoyed time at one of the area lakes. No matter what time of year, maintaining awareness and following safety protocols while on the water is important. In cold weather, water can be especially dangerous, as the case of three duck hunters in another state illustrates.