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Simple Wills

Is an online will really a bad idea?

You don’t have a lot of money or assets, so you figure a simple will is all you really need. You’re thinking it’s just as easy (and a lot cheaper) to get a do-it-yourself version online. Think again. The internet is a great tool, and there are a lot of things you...

What is a holographic will?

Estate planning can feel overwhelming, even if you do not have a complex situation. You know there are rules to follow, but it can be challenging to know when they apply. Holographic wills tend to be an area where a blend of old and new guidelines combine with fiction...

What can a simple will not do?

Millions of Americans have no estate plan in place. Many people believe that estate planning does not matter unless the person is older or is very wealthy. However, all adult Americans can benefit from having a will. The most simple variety of will is a “simple will,”...

When is a will valid in Virginia?

When you die, the court may not recognize your wishes if they do not appear in a valid will. Each state has different laws about what makes a person's will valid. As you begin the estate planning process, review the requirements for a legal will in Virginia, even if...