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Legal disputes can be scary. Many feel overwhelmed by the complexities of our legal system. For more than 20 years, I — attorney Craig P. Tiller, Esq. — have been helping individuals and families navigate the legal system in an efficient and effective manner.

The Lynchburg law office of Craig P. Tiller, Esq. PLLC: providing insightful legal guidance to individuals throughout central Virginia for more than 20 years.

Personal Injury And Criminal Defense Attorney In Forest, Virginia

If you or your child is facing criminal charges, you may be worried not only about fines and possible jail time, but also about the effect these charges will have on your life's goals. Those who have been injured in accidents, or lost loved ones in accidents, often worry how they will pay for medical treatments while meeting the financial demands of daily living.

At the law office of Craig P. Tiller, Esq. PLLC, I believe knowledge is power.

As an experienced lawyer, I understand that fear of the unknown is many times more frightening than the underlying legal dispute. That is why I take the time to educate my clients. Once clients fully understand the nature of their legal issue and the legal paths available to them, they are able to see past the fear and uncertainty associated with their legal challenge and look forward to a brighter future.

Together, we will build a legal strategy that presents the best possible defense against your criminal charges and helps you obtain the compensation you need to heal from your injuries while supporting your family.

Hire An Experienced, Effective Attorney

At my law office, I provide knowledgeable, effective legal representation to clients facing a wide variety of legal needs.

Family law disputes can often cause unparalleled amount of stress. When family units break apart, it is important to hire an experienced family law attorney who understands the importance of preserving family relationships and knows how to navigate the family court system. Whether you are involved in a divorce, child custody or support dispute, I can help. I help individuals defend against speeding tickets and other traffic offenses, and help employees who have been injured on the job navigate the workers' compensation system.

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