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Caught Driving On A Suspended License Or Revoked License In Virginia?

People who drive with a suspended license are in a seemingly continual cycle. Drivers must choose to continuing driving without a license, or face losing a job they need to pay household bills, ticket fines and costs.

However, driving without a license can lead to traffic and/or criminal charges, further license suspension, and often jail.

Common Reasons For Virginia License Suspensions

A driver could face license suspension if they fail to pay a fine or related court costs. Many traffic and criminal charges carry license suspension as part of the possible punishment.

Those who drive on a suspended license in Virginia could also face potential jail time. Courts often impose increasing penalties for multiple violations.

In Virginia, drivers will go to jail if they are caught driving three times on a suspended driver’s license within a ten-year period.

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Attorney

Hiring an experienced lawyer who understands the laws and defenses available for charges relating to driving on a suspended or revoked license in Virginia is very important. A lawyer can often reduce the consequences and, in some cases, offer a viable defense to the charges.

Over 31 Years Of Experience

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