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Virginia takes drunk driving seriously and state prosecutors aggressively prosecute those charged with driving under the influence. At my Lynchburg law office of Craig P. Tiller, Esq. PLLC, I provide equally aggressive defense.

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Drunk driving is a serious offense, and it carries serious consequences. If you are convicted of a DUI/DWI in Virginia you are facing fines, driving restrictions, a suspension or loss of your driver's license, and possible jail time. Penalties increase for second and third DUI convictions.

I am attorney Craig P. Tiller. For more than 20 years, I have been providing individuals throughout central Virginia with the strong, smart defense they need to obtain the most beneficial resolution of their DUI charges possible, based on the circumstances.

Many of my clients are college-aged students. Everyone makes mistakes. At the law office of Craig P. Tiller, Esq. PLLC, I will make sure one bad decision does not prevent you from achieving your life's goals.

Protect Your License And Your Freedom

As an experienced DUI defense attorney, I understand the nuances of Virginia's DUI/DWI laws. I thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding my clients' DUI charges to make sure all applicable laws and regulations were followed. If I find my clients' constitutional rights were violated, I use those facts to build strong legal defenses that defeat my clients' criminal charges.

I often challenge the admissibility of the breath test. In the past, this challenge has resulted in either the reduction or complete dismissal of charges in some cases.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your DUI charge, I will work with the prosecution to reduce your charge and lessen the resulting consequences. If prosecutors are unwilling to negotiate, I will take your case to trial.

I also represent individuals charged with boating under the influence.

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