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What makes a will valid in Virginia?

It’s a hard subject to talk about, but planning for your death by creating a will is an important part of caring for your family. It outlines your wishes and intentions upon your death and can alleviate potential stress for those you love. With a will, you’re creating long-lasting consequences to protect your family.

A will doesn’t need to be complicated, just enough to fit your needs, protect your assets and provide you some peace of mind.

In Virginia, a will is valid with the following components:

  • A will must be in writing.
  • The individual creating the will is over 18 years old and of sound mind.
  • A will is signed, and the signature witnessed by two people who are not beneficiaries.
  • The two witnesses must also sign the document.
  • A will can be handwritten, but the document needs to be signed by the creator. Two witnesses who are not beneficiaries would need to verify the person’s handwriting in a court.
  • It’s not required to have a will notarized, but it is recommended as it makes it easier for the court to accept the document.

In addition to specifying your wishes for your property and assets, you can also address other legal matters in your will like leaving money to a charity or appointing a guardian for your minor children or pets.


Taking the time now to create a will ensures that your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets will be honored. It can also make the process of setting your estate easier for surviving family members and help provide them peace of mind during an otherwise emotional time.

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