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How can TBIs affect you?

A traumatic brain injury can have lasting impacts on your health in many ways. It can also manifest in the short-term in a way that disrupts your daily life. On top of that, these effects can influence your mind, behavior, mental state and physical wellness.  It is...

What are some signs of a concussion?

After a car crash, you may notice odd and increasingly prevalent feelings of pain in your head and body. Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury, and they can seriously disrupt your life if you do not notice the symptoms as they occur. Mental struggles...

Can brain trauma make you reckless?

After getting into a crash, it is common to experience head injury and brain trauma. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often have lasting and complex impacts on victims. TBIs can alter your personality and temperament in many unexpected ways. It may...

Pedestrian deaths a problem in Virginia

Pedestrians naturally have a greater risk of serious outcomes in accidents given their inherent lack of protection compared with the protection people in cars and other vehicles have. Factors such as limited street lighting may further increase pedestrian risks.  Even...