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What are some signs of a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Injuries | 0 comments

After a car accident, you may notice you have increased trouble doing simple, everyday tasks.

Your spine in particular may feel achy or weak. This phenomenon is often known as spinal cord trauma, and can come from severe whiplash after you made a sudden stop while in a vehicle.

Struggling to breathe freely

According to the Mayo Clinic, frequent coughing can be a sign of a worse issue. Feelings of pain, as well as mucus or secretions, in your lungs can come from an accident that affects your spine.

The harder it is to breathe, the more likely you should seek medical attention. Some symptoms from a spinal injury may not seem obvious immediately after an accident.

Difficulty moving

Dizziness, lack of balance and general incoordination are all signs of spinal trauma. These issues can cause you to trip and fall, even in everyday situations. Being unable to easily bend down and pick up items is another sign of trauma. Additionally, driving or walking long distances is harder to do with a spinal injury.

This can affect you emotionally as well as socially. These symptoms can also leave you feeling frustrated over this sudden change in physical autonomy.

Loss of sensation

Being able to sense hot or cold temperatures, as well as completely empty your bladder, are both signs of a working nervous system. A crash can cause you to lose some sensation in your limbs, which leads to the inability to perform those actions.

If you notice increased spasms or numbness in your arms, feet or hands, then you may have a spinal cord injury.