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How can TBIs affect you?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Injuries | 0 comments

A traumatic brain injury can have lasting impacts on your health in many ways. It can also manifest in the short-term in a way that disrupts your daily life. On top of that, these effects can influence your mind, behavior, mental state and physical wellness. 

It is important to get to know the ways in which TBIs may impact you because of this. That way, you can take steps toward getting the treatment you need. 

Short-term impacts

Mayo Clinic lists the ways in which brain injuries impact your health. This manifests in numerous ways. For one, TBIs can impact short term health. In fact, the most acute symptoms often go away within weeks or months. But during that time, you could suffer a severe upset to your way of life. 

For example, you might struggle with short-term memory loss. This makes it hard to return to work even after you get a doctor’s okay. You may feel scattered and have a hard time recalling important dates and information. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in such a situation. 

Many TBI victims end up going on leave as they recover. Those who cannot sometimes feel like their job is at risk, which only makes it harder to heal. 

Long-term impacts

Long-term effects can have a big impact on your life, too. Some victims of TBIs have recurring problems with migraines and other splitting headaches. In some cases, TBIs can also result in brain damage that may permanently alter your mind or behaviors. Damage to the frontal lobe often results in more impulsivity, as an example. 

The best way to help mitigate these various impacts is by getting proper and timely treatment. You should always seek immediate medical attention after a head injury for this reason.