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Wills and young children

There are many different issues for people to consider with regard to creating an estate plan. For example, those who have young children often have a lot of questions and are unsure about various facets of the estate planning process. From identifying the right type...

Can you get away with a simple will?

You know you need to plan for the distribution of your assets and the care of your children should you unexpectedly pass but, if you are like many people, you put off the chore for various reasons. One such reason may be the fear that creating a will can be complex...

New parents need a will

Since the moment you first found out you were pregnant, you and your husband have been focusing on the miracle of life. However, this is no time to ignore that death is a fact of life, too.  New parents need a will. Expectant couples may begin the process even before...

When a person cannot sign a will

In order to properly validate a will, you need to add your signature to it. However, some people have older parents who, although they need to make out a will, suffer from health challenges that do not make it possible to legibly sign a document. Fortunately, Virginia...

What changes your will?

One of the advantages of creating a will is that this document can adapt as your life circumstances change. Even if you are not yet completely sure how you want your assets divided upon your death, creating a will gives you peace of mind that your estate will follow...