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Helping your parent set up a will

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | Simple Wills | 0 comments

For older adults, various daily stressors can get in the way of estate planning. For example, some may be dealing with a lot of stress and financial uncertainty as a result of their retirement, or they may be working through a health issue that drains them of their time and energy. In some instances, older adults have serious health complications that affect their physical and mental capacity, which can make it very hard for them to create an estate plan. Fortunately, many older adults have caring children who can help them work through these challenges and create a will if they have decided that such a plan is best for the family.

If your parent is older, helping them create a will could be very advantageous for the entire family. You may be able to provide your parent with peace of mind knowing that their estate will be handled properly. Moreover, this assistance could also be very beneficial for you, your siblings and the rest of the family. If you are familiar with estate planning issues, your insight could be valuable. However, even if you lack knowledge regarding wills and estate planning issues, you may be able to support your parent in multiple ways. For example, you could help drive them to meet with a legal professional and offer critical emotional support.

Estate planning can be emotional for everyone involved, and you may run into a number of roadblocks or areas of confusion during the estate planning process. Review our website to read more on legal issues related to this area of law.